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  1. Park 4-2

    Sculpture [Steel, Perspex, Soil, Turf] 2020

    2 seats 2 meters apart, between them soil and grass. A romantic gesture representing an apparently irreconcilable physical distance. A park that is brought indoors as a material metaphor of a dystopian reality that has made us re-evaluate our necessity for togetherness, nature, and social interactions. As time goes by this piece will remind us of an imposed separation that will change the social behaviour of a generation.

    Park 4-2 that has been shortlisted for the RA Summer Exhibition, is the first of a limited series of four. Each represent a different park with this variable being visible by a change in the colour of the Perspex that holds the micro-garden. This piece is the result of Sculptural Series 2020, a joint exhibition at Goldsmiths University of London with artist Hannah Tomlinson-Roe.

    Photographs curtsy of @studioswitch

  2. Photographs curtsy of @studioswitch