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  1. Island

    Sculpture [Ply body, Stainless steel, Valchromat, Faux leather, Electricity plug, LED lights] 2020

    Island materialises the need for contemporary multifunctionality, specifically how spaces in the home have become portable and transmutable. A reflection on what covid protocol has exposed: that there’s no longer necessity for impermeable site-specific spaces. Kitchens have become a lockdown icon. Departing from and elevating this notion, Island embodies a compressed life, encapsulated into a multipurpose pill. Portable - for it has wheels- life no longer has the structure it once enjoyed. Pillars are replaced for mobility and the questioning of the practical and necessary. Island represents a new kind of independence that will shape our future.

    This piece is the result of ‘Sculptural Series 2020’ a joint exhibition at Goldsmiths University of London with artist Hannah Tomlinson-Roe.

    Photographs curtsy of @studioswitch