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  1. Charging Station

    Sculpture [Steel, Foam noodles, PVC, LED light] 2020

    This piece presents technology as a substitute for the natural. The sun is concentrated in a LED light. Like a round orange is substituted by juice made of dust, lingering in absurdity. The cushion and the tubular structure o make a reference to tanning beds. While the latter are rudimentary and claustrophobic charging station introduces the naturalisation of the artificial with a design that recreates sunbathing. Its name hints at a vital recharge, maybe an emotional one too. Unveiling the absurd as an LED light has no physical or emotional benefit. Demonstrating that the natural is irreplaceable, Charging Statoin unveils the agonaising necessity for the exterior and nature of a locked in generation.

    This piece is the result of ‘Sculptural Series 2020’ a joint exhibition at Goldsmiths University of London with artist Hannah Tomlinson-Roe.

    Photographs curtsy of @studioswitch