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  1. Miranda Alvarez Trabado  is an interdisciplinary conceptual artist who pushes for their concepts to materialise into concrete bodies. Miranda is heavily invested in exploring the social fabric in which we are meant to play and live by, searching for glitches, default operations and system errors. Their work, self-reflective and conceptual, aspires to a broad criticism of society - sometimes inhabiting a space of liminality between art and design.

    Their body of work begins as a response to an exploration of the self, peeling off each layer of that which categorises them, they observe it, question it, detach it from themselves so it is no longer a part of them but a part of society. Their eating habits, what they desire, their gender, their age. Everything to them feels like an imposition until it has been analysed – through art- they propose pieces that question and create, and this is how they obtain and offer free will. But as a human their personal is universal, and this introspection becomes social and political. In their practice they are looking for different vantage points from which to see things that they haven’t seen in themselves yet, mirrors, still puddles of liquid.